The Big O

Dear friends, visitors and Google web spiders,

Come gather around, while it is cold and dark outside. Take a cookie. Winter is here. Beloved offspring arrived earlier this year and is expected again next year. Yes we are fertile my friends, despite nagging mockery about the adverse effects that our dearest passion cycling was supposed to have on us.

With these long nights upon us (and even longer nights ahead), time has come for reflection. Some of us have been riding a lot less this summer than we planned, or have just recently rediscovered the old love that is cycling (if you are seriously bored, you can read Cycling Dad’s personal story here).

In an effort to beat the winter blues and turn flab into fab, Cycling Dad decided to venture out and set his sight on one of the toughest 2013 cycling endeavours he could think of. He calls it “The Big O“. It is otherwise known as the Oetztaler Cycle Marathon. This blog has been created so you can partake in his journey, and the observations of his lovely family.


Cycling Dad


2 thoughts on “The Big O

  1. You jest, my dear friend!

    I am unable to believe that you were sound of mind when you decided to start this blog and I am afraid that you just added me to the team so that I (as the only neutral critic in this family) can once again save you from harm…

    Have you considered what this journey means for you and the entire family?

    Given that you actually will be motivated enough to overcome your weaker self and raise enough motivation to train hard, are you truly dedicated to leave the cosiness of your sofa in order to take your bike out come RAIN or shine?

    And will you have sufficient time besides working long hours, caring for your pregnant wife and infant and not to forget feeding me my daily treat of rodent malt?

    Last but not least I feel obliged to remind you about the immense amounts of money you are likely to spend on top notch gear. Bear in mind that the little ones will outgrow their vests in no time and college funds have to be installed.

    Please do us all a favour and reconsider this plan carefully.

    Mr. Nibbles

    P.S. Why is everyone in this family constantly alluding to food? “Have a cookie” (they were already gone, when I checked the jar on the dining table), “piece of cake”, … – If there is only the slightest chance of succeeding in an event like the Oetztal Cycling Marathon, you really have to work on your diet.

  2. Oh my god, you really did it and started a cycling blog!?!

    Well, now I know that you are serious about tackling ‘The Big O’… 5.500 meters altitude gain over a 238km course is not exactly a piece of cake but as your intro suggests, your little family has your back and will support you throughout this adventure.

    I must admit, I am a bit jealous though as I would love to participate in the Oetztaler Cycle Marathon myself, but I am afraid, that I will need slightly longer to get back in shape after delivering ‘The Adorable Weight’… However, taking part in some of your training sessions will hopefully help me to quickly recover my fitness in order to take part in some smaller races later in 2013…

    Spinning Mum

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