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Cycling Dad

Hi. My name is Kai, otherwise known as Cycling Dad on this blog. Thank you for visiting these pages, which are (or hopefully will be, as there is not much content yet) the results of a project between my wife Alex and me. We see the Cycling Parents blog as a motivation to keep us training towards bigger goals in our favourite pastime sport and also as a chance to reconnect with a lot of friends out there whom we were fortunate to meet along the way and never managed to keep up to date. We have a young family which currently consists of our baby son Konstantin, a new baby growing along with Alex’ belly and an intellectually gifted hamster. As you can imagine and probably are experiencing yourself if you too are a cycling parent, combining sportive aspirations with a family and a full-time job is quite a challenge and at the same time the namesake of our blog. Let me give you a quick overview about who I am.

As part of an all-out cool childhood in Germany (thanks mum and dad), I first sat on a racing bike in the summer of 1991 as part of a school program. I did my first race later that year, fell in love with the sport and immediately joined the local cycling club. In 1995 I was fortunate to be offered the chance to spend a fantastic year studying and cycling (a lot!) in Colorado Springs. It was fantastic and rates among the best years of my life.

I took a rather long break from “big” cycling after 1997. Finding time for the bike was difficult and I am good at finding excuses. In 2010, living in Hong Kong, I got back in the saddle and even managed to pass the cycling bug to my wife Alex. Since 2012, we live in Austria, where we have found a perfect cycling environment.


Spinning Mum

Hi there, I’m Alex, aka Spinning Mum, and my motto is ‘if I am not sweating like a Turkey on Thanksgiving, this workout is just not challenging enough for me.’ However, engaging in various kinds of sports has not always played a major role in my life. In fact, I spent most of my childhood and early adolescence indoors, nibbling on chocolates while sulking about my stubborn baby fat and not being able to run for two hundred yards without almost collapsing.

It was not until my graduation from high school that I suddenly realised that I had to change my lifestyle if I wanted to get my dream job with the local police force. In order to pass the physical entrance test, I started to run and found out that I actually enjoyed it a lot, especially as my stamina improved quickly so that my face did not turn fire-engine red after only a couple of minutes anymore.

Although I made up my mind in respect of my career and chose a commercial education instead, I tried to maintain my workout routine and managed to try a lot of different activities throughout the years, starting from ice skating over hiking and cross country running to pole dancing and rock climbing.

I have to admit that cycling never looked that interesting to me. Besides my beloved spinning sessions in the gym, I could not relate much to the real deal of pedal pushing. Well, at least not until Kai brought his bike to Hong Kong in order not to be seen for hours on end during the weekends.

As I did not wanted to stay at home worrying each time I heard an ambulance siren and since I got curious about the addiction that apparently took control over my hubby, I joined him one fine day and instantly fell in love with sweating on the old rental road bike I borrowed and… three rides and different rental models later I decided to get my own racer ‘Julie’.

I am by far not an experienced rider (yet) as I found out that I was pregnant with little Konstantin only four months after taking Julie home and am currently back to indoor training as baby number two is on its way, but I am ambitious enough to be back in the saddle soon. So follow my stories of training with a belly and getting back in shape after giving birth!


The fantastic Mr. Konstantin

We learned that Alex was pregnant only a few months after she caught the cycling bug in spring 2011. At that point we were already thinking about building a family and Alex was joking that she will probably have a bun in the oven as soon as she invests in a road bike.
Her prevision should have been heard and our cute son Konstantin was on his way only three months later.

Born in early 2012 The fantastic Mr. Konstantin started his cycling career as a loyal pillion in his Chariot when he was just 6 weeks old and enjoyed our family rides ever since.


The adorable weight

As we are very productive and Konstantin will probably be sitting on his own bike soon, our latest project – The adorable weight – is due to arrive in March 2013.

We don’t know whether the little belly dweller will be a girl or a boy, yet. But you guys will be amongst the first to know!


The honourable Mr. Nibbles, esq.

The honorable Mr. Nibbles, esq. is an indirect descendant of famous Dschungis Khan. As a member of the league of distinguished rodents, his words are as sharp as his teeth.



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